(nearly) Wordless Wednesdays: #worldbreastfeedingweek – my hardcore nurser

Happg World Breastfeeding Week/Month!!!!!

On the breastfeeding front I feel like I’ve been really fortunate. From first latch Bernhard has been perfect. I cherish every moment nursing him, and probably even moreso now that I’m back at work.

One funny thing that I’ve noticed since bringing him home. When he’s nursing intently with very focused concentration this happens:

  He leave an EAR PRINT!!!! And it’s both sides! I joke that he’s a ‘hardcore nurser’. Kinda metal, no ;) \m/ :D

Vlog: FABULOUS Food Fridays

Katie has been in town helping us with the baby since I’ve
been back at work.  Today when buying things for for the baptism
we saw the newest Lays flavors and decided to do an on-the-fly
parody video of our two younger sisters and their food channel!


Hey there Internet

Sooooo, I’ll give you one guess what has been keeping us busy. Baby E arrived May 18th and was born via emergency c-section (aka, scary as sh!t for all of us), but JP, our SON and I are all doing wonderfully and gettin into our groove as a family of three.

Senorita Fluffybutt is adjusting well too.  When we brought the baby home she sniffed him and looked at us like ‘yes humans, that is indeed a tiny human. Are you expecting a treat or something?’

So, Internet, and friends and family who I’ve been driving crazy with a lack of pictures (that maternal instinct to protect has been super strong!), meet Bernhard Joseph:

He loves being held, cuddling up with us, listening to The Beatles (as he did in the womb), looking at our faces and has given himself a number of hickies. He has been a champion nurser from the get go, and hates being without clothes.

He is absolutely perfect, and we are completely smitten with him. And I love being a mother to this littlw boy :)

Saturday Productivity FTW! 

Alternate title for today’s post: Lizzy doesn’t ‘nest’ like a normal person.

So we completes two of the big things on my list before Baby E’s arrival in 5-ish weeks (holy  crap!?). We got our little garden spaces planted, and the grill has been assembled and will take its ‘maiden voyage’ tonight in the form of cooking up some brats and steak! 


SO looking forward to this thing being fired up! 


Planted: squash, two types of cucumbers, three types of tomatoes, three types of pepper and two types of peas. Here’s hoping that they decide to actually grow, because the plants look just a tad pathetic right now. Not pictured – the two pots of flowers we also planted.

You can see from the last shot that we still need to pick things up, but given that i feel like i’ve done a horticulture interns worth of work we’re taking  break. JP was kind enough to do most of the planting since i have issues gettinrg low enough to to ground now… Ah pregnancy :p