And Suddenly March

Holy wow, the second half of January and the entire month of February just seemed to evaporate.  March is here, and almost more startling is that Lent begins on Wednesday — and I don’t quite know why I find it startling because it’s beginning rather late this year.

So anyway, hi there internet?  How were the first two months of the year for you?  For us they were a combination of being sick off and on and getting things accomplished.  Also, we welcomed a new critter on Valentine’s Day!  Check the instagram feed to meet Nichodemus – so named for the rat from The Secret of Nihm.

As far at the 33 before 33 list, I’m not doing so great.  I totally and completely dropped off the no sugar thing, and my working out goals aren’t going great.  I did however make a dent in my reading list!  I finished three books, and am concurrently reading… four! I didn’t plan to do that, but I lost one, picked up another, downloaded something in my kindle, and THEN I needed to read a book while Henry napped while we were waiting for our flight home yesterday from item number 18 (though it was three confirmations as the baby was baptized in February instead) so I picked up Middlemarch by George Eliot.  And the confirmation was LOVELY!  My friend (whose kids I sponsored) gave me a stunning rosary as a thank you gift.

Skin-care is going well.  I ended up scaling WAY back and buying a better night moisturizer!

We are completely out of consumer debt!  Now the trick will be to maintain that.

Backyard landscaping is coming along, phase A of the patio extension is complete, if the weather is good we hope to continue it this weekend.  Also I plan to start the sourdough starter and get a piecing if I can manage it.  Also I’ve been getting better about saying the rosary again.

I also used my float tank certificate the last day I could — it was AMAZING. I didn’t feel like I had slept for a week like some people told me a would, but after an hour I felt like I had slept for 10 hours!  10/10 would do it again.  I’m hoping to get JP to do a session or two as well.

Anyway, this was more of a check in post, and I need to hop into bed.  Silly work tomorrow.


A New Project

Hey internet — WHERE on earth did February go?!  So many plans, so many colds and boom it’s the last THIRD of the month already.

Anywho, this is just a quick post to say that I, with a group of lady friends, are jumping on the bandwagon and starting a podcast!  Cliche? uh-huh.  But are we excited?  YES!

Here’s episode zero:


Babies Don’t Keep

Looking over my relatively short life I can honestly say that becoming a parent was one of the hardest things I’ve done, and it’s one of the hardest most complicated jobs I’ve undertaken.  It is, along with getting married, the best thing I’ve done with my life.  And I know JP has similar sentiments.

Parenthood is complicated, but add being the mother and it’s a different can of… not really worms per se… maybe a bag of gummi worms?  What I’m trying to get at is that it’s hard, but it doesn’t suck.  Or at least most of it doesn’t suck.  But the parts that suck really do suck. Two of the things that makes motherhood in particular hard are expectations and guilt.  Both are things that have reared their heads for me, as well as made the whole postpartum-gumbo more intense and that much harder to navigate as I was desperately trying to get help for it.  I had a better time of it after Henry was born than I did with Bernhard, but we now know that it’s something that we have to take into account when looking to add another little person to our brood because it’s intense through weaning.

So expectations and guilt.  What about them? Continue reading

33 things before 33

Aside from the first item, these are not in order, and my 33rd birthday is the only real deadline.  The things that need to happen on a weekly/monthly basis will be posted on either the blog’s Instagram or Facebook pages to keep me accountable. Feel free to blow up my notifications if I go for a week on either without posting. 

  1. Cut added sugar after Epiphany until Fat Tuesday.
  2. Cliché, but lose 33lbs (or more) by my 33rd birthday.
  3. Drink 100oz water/day. Have giant bottle. Must use.
  4. Blog 6-8x/month.
  5. Instagram post for the blog account 1-2x/week.
  6. Geek Life Facebook pose 1x/week.
  7. Read (at least) 13 books by my 33rd birthday.
  8. Go to the gym 2x/week.
  9. Run 1x/week.
  10. At home aerobics 2x/week. Can *just* be the squats video from Blogalates to begin with.  
  11. Get a new piercing.
  12. Use my float tank certificate. (THANKS KATIE!)
  13. Cull and curate my wardrobe. STOP DRESSING LIKE A FRUMP.
  14. No self-spend until my 33rd birthday. (EXCEPTIONS: consumables like shampoo, base cosmetics and face wash.)
  15. Get out of consumer debt.
  16. Run a 5k
  17. Create a new “pet” in the form of sourdough starter.
  18. Go to Chicago for three confirmations and a baptism.
  19. Aggressively start a real nest egg.
  20. Make saying the rosary a daily habit again.
  21. Go on dates with JP at least once a month, no excuses. 
  22. Go on a sisters’ weekend with just my sisters.  No significant others. No kids.
  23. Be consistent with my skincare. I have a system.  I need to stick to it. My skin is happier.
  24. Go out by myself, no friends, no phones, no distractions 3 times.
  25. Go out with a friend once a month for lunch or drinks.
  26. Go to adoration 2x/month.
  27. Join the zoo or a museum. – Done! 1/1 we joined the Houston Zoo!!!
  28. Take the boys to the Children’s’ Museum 1x/month.
  29. Family hike 1x/month at places like Katy Prairie or the Houston Arboretum.
  30. Plant a vegetable garden.
  31. Finish landscaping the backyard.
  32. See JP defend and walk for the PhD.
  33. Take a road trip with the family.

A Saint, A Word, and Resolutions

I decided to do an internet thing and utilize Jennifer Fulwiler’s websites to select a saint and a word for 2019 — here’s what I got (click the images to go to the generators)




So St. Catherine of Genoa and Trust it is.

I hope everyone had a lovely and safe NYE.  The boys and I had dinner with my parents last night so JP could get some writing and conference prep in.  Then we came home, and while JP and B walked the neighborhood to look at fireworks while I put H down.  Then the three of us had bubbly (Martinelli’s for the three year old, Spanish Cava for the grown ups) and chocolate while doing the German thing and watching Dinner for One.  Then we put B to bed, stayed up and watched South Park, counted down, smooched at Midnight and turned in.

All in all a good NYE for all.

My resolutions for 2019 are:

one// To use my actual physical cookbooks. I have a very nice little collection.  Instead I’ve let them gather dust in favor of my phone.  For 2019 I’m going to cook exclusively from cookbooks.  Which means if I want anything new or am looking for something specific I’m going to have to borrow a book from the library.

two// To read more.  I read a decent amount in 2018, which was much better than my 2017 for reading. I need to make reading before bed a habit again and eliminate the before bed scroll on Instagram or Facebook.

three// Cultivate Friendships. Now that we’re back in Houston I want to actually spend time with friends that I’ve lived apart from for nearly a decade.  Having a once-a-month thing with my partner in crime from college would be awesome, aside from the planned monthly zoo outtings with our families, as well as lunches and happy hours with lots of other people.  Oh, and of course some quality time with my sisters and brother. Bloomington was ok, but in many many ways I felt isolated and like I just didn’t click, which is probably more on me than anyone else. I am very happy the turn of events in April meant that we had the opportunity to return to Houston.

four// Baking and Prayer. I’ve let my prayer life slip the last couple months.  It’s time to get it back.  I also want to get back in the habit of making break for the boys to have during the week over buying bread.

five// Woo my relationship. A lot of 2018 was about putting out heads down, gritting our teeth and doing what we needed to do.  I’m going to work on romancing my husband a bit more this year, especially as we approach THE DOUBLE DIGIT anniversary in August.

There you have it.  My five resolutions.  I have one more list, which is about things I want to do before my hobbit/Jesus birthday in June.  That’s coming later this week 🙂

Happy 2019 everyone!

2018 Look back

Hello internet – it’s been a GOOD while.  So hello, it is I, Lizzy, your favorite sometimes blogger! 2018 was a, well weird and hard year for me on multiple fronts.  Going through my annual look-back over the year was tough.  

I don’t have much more to say aside from that, so let’s get on with it.

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In the Zwischenzeit

Right at this moment I am sitting in the children’s are of our local library watching the boys play on a rainy morning. To any onlooker I probably look like the average millennial mom who is checked out on her phone instead of actively playing with them.

But the boys are perfectly content playing together and letting me pen this while I finish my coffee. And I am enjoying a break from being touched.

Almost a month ago I was let go from my job of almost 3.5 years. Right now we’re in a transition period, or as I think of it “a Zwischenzeit”. I’ve slipped into the role of being a stay-at-home mom while working through what our next steps for the upcoming changes are.

In the next week and a half:

  • JP will be heading to Austria to teach for 6ish weeks
  • My parents will be arriving to:
  • Help up pack up and move to Houston!!

So yeah. We’re moving back to Texas. And the whole thing came together in less than two weeks. Holy lightspeed Batman. But things keep falling into place just right so it looks like God/fate/the brownie points want us to go in this direction.

Leaving Bloomington is going to be a little bittersweet — JP and I have been here since 2011, and both boys were born here. But Houston is also going to be wonderful because we’re going to be close to both sets of grandparents, and the boys will be able to meet and play with their two cousins (one per side) who both arrived at the end of last year. Plus, on a sillier note – ALL THE TEX MEX!!

So, here we are. The Zwischenzeit.

Now I’m off to read some books about dinosaurs and trucks 🙂