Chicago by Night — NYC!

Last night John Paul and I went over to the home of our friends, Eden and Case, who JP plays a weekly game of D&D for dinner and game night, which happens every once in a while, this week was because one of the couples who usually plays had already gone out of town for Christmas and such.

We arrived early, and were told that we were going to play a game of Vampire that night. (wikipedia on the game) Basically its similar to most table top RPGs (think D&D and the like), but the main difference is that the game is much more story driven and much less combat driven, and you only use d10s when playing.  The setting is also just an alternate reality of the real world, the major difference being that all of the monsters exist.  The best part is that you get to be a bit of a bad guy, but at the same time there really is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ side, apart from the sects of vampires, and how your clan leans.

I’m playing an artistic gallery high society owner, who is a fairly new vampire, but has already been introduced into the higher parts of vampire society in NYC.  John Paul is playing an assassin vampire with a thick old german accent who was a Swiss Guard prior to becoming undead.  There are a bunch of other characters as well, but I’m not going into specifics, simply because there were 8 of us playing!!

When we got home we googled to see if the manual was online because its out of print.  After about 30 minutes JP found it and then we proceeded to stay up until 3am tweaking our characters.  (oops, sleep would have been a good idea) Now all thats left is for us to print new character sheets and fill them out again.

Needless to say, I’m hooked and really can’t wait to play again.  while I love our small Tuesday night D&D game, this one seems to have found a special place for me in my gamer-geek heart.


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