Maroon and white surprise

John Paul called me at work today to let me know that he had officially graduated from A&M.  All I can say is “yay”.  Mainly because that means we’re finished with the whole mess that his thesis defense had turned into, and all because one single professor wouldn’t agree to sign something!

Anyway, waaaaay back in October when Michaels was having its employee appreciation sale (meaning double your discount, and including clearance) a bunch of my color M&Ms we had had been marked down from $5.99  to $2.99 and finally to $1.49, which meant that I got them for $0.75 per bag.  And since they were cheap, and there were cream and maroon M&Ms I decided that would be an awesome gift for him.  (I should note that I actually bought a WHOLE bunch more M&Ms for other gifts.  Who could pass up that price, and everyone loves getting M&Ms).

Back to today.  This is the last day of finals for Purdue, meaning that JP and I have been up since the crack of dawn (well for us) because as I’ve figured out after four years of a university education, freshmen ALWAYS have 8am finals, and JP had to proctor it.  So I went to work after dropping him off, picked him up, we went to dinner with some friends, went home, then I left again to pick up a coop order.  All day John Paul had been working on his last paper, and was putting the finishing touches on it when I got back, and then left to print and turn it in back at Purdue – which involved two trips because he forgot his office keys. (I promise this is relevant)

While he was out I quickly got out the M&Ms and filled up his awesome St. Arnold glass with them.  When he got back I told him to close his eyes, and presented the full glass to him.  Now, earlier this month I had already given him his big geeky graduation gift, so this was totally unexpected.  What’s more he hadn’t expected that I would have planned something all the way back in October.

End of story?  I love being able to catch him off guard every once in a while 😉

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