To be a kid again.

So, I got home from working at Michaels for 6 hours, and John Paul is THRILLED to death that it snowed today — no, I’m not being sarcastic. It wasn’t because it was the first snow, we had that weeks ago which for me marked the end of the crazy-warm Indiana fall we’ve had (which was nice having moved from Texas), but it was this was the first nice fluffy snow we’ve had. John Paul got to see his first crystal form snow flake this afternoon.

After we got back in from checking up on some friend’s cats, grocery shopping, and fooding ourselves, JP took a walk to clear his head from grading (I on the other hand was playing warcraft — ‘small eggs’ mean lots of gold this time of year). He was gone for what seemed like an unusually long time (over ten or fifteen minutes).  He came back in excited again because the pond at the front of our complex had frozen over completely(!!). This was another thing that was new to him.  Again, very cute in my opinion.  We took a walk later so he could show me — also Sally was driving us bonkers.

When we got to the pond he commented that it was more frozen over then it had been, to which I posed the question of how did he know that?  (mainly because I know how I would have tested it out)

His answer?

“I threw rocks on it”

That made me smile.  Real winter is a new concept to him, and I find it adorable — though, he probably doesn’t think that’s the best term for it.  Me, I think it’s perfect, and I’m hoping and praying for snow on Christmas because that’s what a sap I am.  It would make our first Christmas perfect.


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