Ok, so I have a question for you Victoria Secret:

Why on earth is all of your underwear ‘cheeky’ now?  I mean I seriously spent 30 minutes trying to find something that wasn’t while my husband waited – patiently I might add – as I looked high and low for something to cover my derriere without the sticker on it announcing to the world that it was ‘cheeky’ meaning that only half of your butt is covered 😛  I mean I did find some after searching for a while, but when I asked a sales girl she seemed horrified that I wouldn’t want any of the cheeky variety.  (that and I’m still trying to figure out how a thong can be cheekier?)  I swear being married hasn’t made me wear ye old grannies, but up here its cold ya know!

Also, I think I need to get a move on with my name change — damn you Harris county for losing paperwork — because I got the infamous princess diaries thing again, especially since they had to see my ID and saw my middle name, which required the sales girl who was checking me out to squeel with delight and alert all of the other chicks to my name.  It also involved them saying that I was a princess as I left.  huh, somehow that didn’t make my undies cost any less, and sucked ten extra minutes of my life away.

Go figure. 😛


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