Five Dollars

Thats how much a hot chocolate cost me at Starbucks earlier.  When I was told my total I seriously was in shock.  Now I’ve given up order coffee drinks because apparently my body hates the caffeine content and decides that its going to expel it as soon as it hits my stomach — which is not something pleasant when you’re working on inventorying over 4000 items for Girl Scouts, or when you’re driving for that matter.

Anyway, back to my hot chocolate.  I got a small size (or in starbucks lingo ‘tall’ – what is up with words that mean ‘big’ for starbucks coffee sizes?) with a shot of hazelnut — seriously, if you haven’t tried hot chocolate with that you should, your tummy and tongue will be very happy!  Shots of extra flavor are forty cents, but when I found out after looking at my receipt the hot chocolate itself was $4.50.  My first thought was “what the heck?!?” then I realized the oh so sweet starbucks barista  charged me for what they call a “signature hot chocolate”, which is totally NOT what I ordered.

And you know what? the time before when I ordered tea it was on the expensive side as well… I think I’m going to give up going to starbucks.  Its just too expensive when you have student loans to take care of!

I guess my consolation was the hot chocolate did taste good…

But still too expensive!


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