Hot water and Scissors

Why is it when the topic of birth is brought up the majority of people I talk with are appalled at the idea that I want to do things the old fashioned way with a midwife and no drugs?   And that’s not counting the ones who think that any one who doesn’t do it via c-section are insane.  Two of the women at work who I was talking to think I’m insane, so much one of them said “Its not the damn Olympics, take the damn drugs!)  Painkiller resistance aside, I think I can handle childbirth.

I like how Miranda Bailey put it in the second season of Grey’s Anatomy(yes, guilty pleasure!):

DR. BAILEY: Mmm, I can handle a little pain. No problem.

(George opens the door to leave and watches from the doorway. Bailey stands up with the help of Addison and goes to sit on the couch in her room)

DR. BAILEY: Women all over the world do this at home.

ADDISON: Mmm hmm.

DR. BAILEY: With nothing more than a pair of scissors and a bucket of hot water.

Now while kids for us are still about an eon away, Dr. Bailey has a point, and while women do die from childbirth I’m not at all worried about that, and of course I’m going to enlist more than hot water and scissors in my birthing plan.  I want to go with a midwife, still on the fence about a doula, and I want to give birth at home.  Of course if there are complications I will totally get the little one out the way that he or she needs to and still be healthy.  But come on!  It really is just childbirth 😛  Heh, I’m geeky AND crunchy.  Go figure 😉

Thankfully the interwebs are full of great blogs about doing things the old fashioned way, and I fully admit that I read a couple.  It makes me feel good that I’m not the only one who most people think is off her rocker!  And given that I wonder what those two women at work would think about me wanting to use cloth diapers, breastfeed and go all out with babywearing?  Some how I don’t think I’m gonna mention it 😉


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