Just Blog It!

Ok, so yeah. My last post was about how long it’s been since I last posted, and here we are again, I’m posting after another month of silence. And here I was thinking I had ammended my blog-abandon syndrome. I suppose at this point all I can do it try try again at this whole thing.

I should mention that my silence hasn’t been for lack of ideas about posting. Heck, I’ve had dozens. Rather, it comes from this blog’s greatest enemy(which also happens to be one of the things I’ve given up for Lent):

Internet TV

Yes, TV. While I don’t have cable or satellite plugged into the large black box we have sitting in our living room I came to realize that I have been watching a HECK of a lot of tv. Yes, a few shows I actually enjoy, but I was also watching a bunch of CRAP because it was easier to do that something active, even if that was just tweeting! Or better yet, writing a paragraph here on this here blog.  I also realized that while I (somewhat proudly) tell people that I don’t have TV in my house, that this is in fact a lie, and I have been watching WAAAAAY more than I should be.

So, this comes to my next matter of business. I’ve decided to include blogging as part of my lenten deal this year. Does is seem slightly counter productive in some way, or weird in so many others? Yes, of course it does. But I’ve also realized that I really do enjoy (and miss) this stream of conciousness that yells “HEY INTERNET I’M HERE!!!” and “Let me tell you about my dog/husband/feeling/job/toes/insert-other-noun-here”  And heck, my mom has been keeping her blog pretty well, and look at where I ended up… baaaad panda!

So, here is my promise until Holy Week (in which all electronics will be given up, including texting!), I will post 6 times a week.  Friday’s are going to be entitled “Friday Fives” and will feature five things, which are more than likely going to be links… and I want to do this “wordless Wednesday” think I keep admiring on other blogs that I read — granted, I should probably find my camera charge cord.. *Ahem* so until that happens I shall be doing another type of “w-word Wednesdays” — today of course excluded.

In other news, the job is going well… and I was enjoying it until Monday/Tuesday/Today when I had CASES of cookies missing (can you guess which non-profit I work for?).  So it involved LOTS of phone calls, talking to LOTS of people and recounting HUNDREDS of cases of cookies HUNDREDS of times.  I think after today things have finally worked out, but then there’s the whole stress of having another delivery of another 500 cases tomorrow morning, oh, and my actual boss is coming up to spend the day with me and sort out the mess of things having to do with the office/shop itself.  So tomorrow is going to be OH so much fun.  I’m totally packing LOTS of food tomorrow and my Yoga clothes again, because WHO knows if I’ll be home before then.  (I feel bad for JP, the only actual dinner’s we’ve had together this week have been Sunday and Monday, and we’re almost out of clean socks…. baaaad panda wife!)

I’m actually hoping that the weekend will be a little less stressfilled, and will include a trip to Indy so we can go bask in the glory of all that is Trader Joe’s before game night.  I SO miss having a natural/organic/hippie foods store nearby, and I think it would help.  Plus, I want good HUMMUS!! and to pick up some chicken brats 😉

Ok, enough rambling for tonight.


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