Friday Fives: 1st Etsy edition!

So… I have this obsession with indie artists, and when Etsy came into being that obsession became insane.  I will literally spend hours window shopping and “hearting” TONS of things.  Heck, when I couldn’t find my wedding cake topper in a store, I turned to Etsy.  When I couldn’t find packaging for my bridesmaids gifts, etsy… when I was goofing around when we first moved to Indiana, guess where I found “Bacon Jam”? ETSY!

Needless to say, I am a tad obsessed… So, I figured why not share some of my latest obsessions with y’all here every couple weeks?  Actually, I’ll try to limit it to once a month at most, because God knows that I could totally post something every. freakin. day. about my findings on etsy.

So without further adieu, my Friday fives:

  • GlitterSniffer — ZOMG!  i LOVE her items. Just love love love them.  How can you not when the colors are SO vibrant and PACKED with glitter?  I actually convo’d her about making a custom blue tint for my costume for GenCon this year, and I’m super excited to work with her. She also has a perfume calledc “Dirt”, which in of itself is AWESOME! I ordered from her earlier this week, and have been obsessively checking the tracking 😡  heh… oh! and her make-up is all VEGAN!  How awesome is that?!?
  • GetReadySetGo — Vintage luggage.  do I really need to say more?  I adore it, and am currently plotting a way to tell JP why I need one of the train cases…
  • OldJunkyardBoutique — Steampunk futuristic goodness, and at an awesome price!!  I’m totally going to be getting one of the laz pistols for GenCon!  The goggles make me drool too!
  • Me.La.Bo — This is the seller I got my cake topper from!  She was so helpful, and the topper was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!  I would have loved to get something of her’s that slightly funkier(like this) , but my mom wasn’t too wild about that.  But I still ADORE my topper.  In fact, it’s now art in my home.  ❤  and I wouldn’t have changed it looking back now.  It was simply too perfect!
  • BugsAndMonsters — I found this shop when I was looking for a unique dice bag (which I still need to order…) and fell absolutely in LOVE with the idea of having a dragon who will eat your dice and then (indulge me here) throw them back up!  Makes me cackle with glee!!!  (and makes JP roll his eyes.. at me not the dragon) You know… i do get paid on Wednesday…. hmmm…..

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