I Smile When I Run

I’m looking back at a long week with cookies, and ahead at another long one.  And quite frankly I’m exhausted.  So, to take my mind off of all this I’ve decided that I’m going to post a list of things that I like/adore/enjoy:

  1. My Husband, who is currently being very sweet and making dinner as I type this.
  2. Chucks/converse.  I got a new pair a while back and remember now why I love wearing them.  Yes, they affrim my sisters’ claim that my style is similar to a 13 year old boy, but heck, they’re comfortable, and I’ll probably try to get a second wilder looking pair.
  3. Running.  There’s something liberating about it, and I always have a smile when I do run.  I think I would even smile if I was fleeing from a mob of zomies!
  4. Outside.  I love being outside.  Its simple as that.  Almost nothing else lifts my mood like fresh air, plants, and sky will.
  5. Blogs.  Heh, knew that one was coming!
  6. Etsy… Yes, I’m in love with the site.  And later this week I’m going to order the dice dragon I posted about on Friday, because Wednesday is pay day!!
  7. Dirt.  Seems odd, no?  But I do adore dirt.  I love the smell, I love the texture.  Heck, I hate going barefoot in grass, but I would totally walk through a muddy patch barefoot.
  8. Tea.  I think the Asian cultures have something on it.  I use it to wake up, to calm down, to get energized, to help sore throats, lady problems.  And add some raw honey and it becomes heaven in a cup!
  9. Kids.  While having kids is a looooong ways off for us, I still love them.  I love their inquisitive nature, and how brutily honest they are.  I love how when they hug you they try their hardest to squeeze all of you.  They just make me happy.  Favorite ages for kids?  Probablu under 10 😛
  10. Geekery.  I love anything and everything that has to do with my brands of geekieness.  😀
  11. Warcraft.  I understand that some people seem to be under the impression that that its a horrible thing, but for me its a release… and one that I miss!  Totally need to get a new computer that will run it…  back to the release part.  Being able to take your flying mount and float is awesome, and it is exhilerating to kill a mob on your own 🙂

I waaaas going to try to come up with 12 things, but I think I’ll go ahead and leave it at 11, because here comes JP with a yummy looking bowl of pasta!


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