Mom Would Be Proud

Since Sunday night I’ve been duking it out with a sore throat/ear/nose/coughing/sneezing thing. I ruled out allergies, which means I have one of those crappy late winter/early spring colds.


Also, given the time of year and my job, this is NOT the time to be taking sick leave, even though I did get Monday afternoon off because of the sheer generosity of my boss. (who I think I may just send a starbucks gift card as a HUGE thanks)

Anyway, so my lunch break rolls around today, and I head out to seek lunch and get things into the mail. I had thought about stopping at Walgreens on the way, and then whole I was waiting at the light right by the store it dawned on me that I shouldn’t go there and get some crazy over the counter thing that probably would just make me cranky, but rather that I should go to the Vitamin Shoppe and get the thing that has actually worked for me since I was a wee one. And that is Nutra Biotic’s GSE, or grapefruit seed extract.   This is something that my mother has been using for years, and something that I LOATHED as a kid.

But, man does the stuff work. When I got in the car after purchasing it I gave myself a double dose (20 drops) and a coupel hours later I have minimal snottage going on, and now my throat is a little better. But at the same time, the stuff tastes so nasty. I had decided to go with the liquid form and do my usual and take it like a shot, which i did, but it took a lot to get the taste out of my mouth afterwards.

But you know what? I’d rather take this, gross flavor and all, and get better faster, rather than being hopped up on other crap.

Oh, and as a result of going to the Vitamin Shoppe, my lunch out was healthier than it was going to be. Originally I was going to get pasta alfredo, but ended up going to Subway for a veggie 6″. Mmmm. 😀

For anyone interested, here’s the official GSC website:

Aaaand for fun, did you know that Elijiah Wood’s mom did the same thing to him with the stuff? There was a link for youtube on their size, but I can’t seem to locate it :-/


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