Oh dice!

As I have found out in the past few months, entereing into the world of table top RPG’s leads to you aquiring many different goods.  There are minis – which will be another post as soon as I find my camera charger – which much be painted.  There are books galore — we currently have the books for Pathfinder and 4E.  There are special mats and scenery you can buy.  There are dragons of many different sizes and uses.

And then, there is the most important factor:


I have seemed to have developed a love affair with dice.  I got my first set which is beautiful and white swirled with a mint green.  They have very easy to read black numbers on them.  I adore them.

Then came my super d20.  It’s dark blue with sparkles, and is a high roller, making it all the better.  I also have a tiny sprarkly d20 and d10, which are awesome, and plan on getting an entire tiny set if I can piece it together.

After those I got a set of solid purple with white numbers again.  They’re lovely as well, and I use the two d10’s from that set just for my Imperial Psyker when I play Dark Heresy.

ThinkGeek has some friggin awesome collections for dice.  But I think that my heart has been nabbed by some dark blue ones at our local game store. Then again, GenCon is in August…

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