Home… Finally?

Today I realized something during my break that was actually somewhat earth shattering.  I went home, had lunch, walked the dog, went to be bank, and on my drive back to the office I realized that I’m finally beginning to feel at home here.

For instance, I walked into my bank to make change, and it finally has that homey feeling that my bank back in Houston had.  I have businesses that I go to all the time, yoga, and even a whole bunch of nerdy/geeky friends who we see ALL the time!  That, and I’m finding different aspects about life in the midwest to be beautiful and fulfilling, but in a different way than Houston was.

I will say, I write this with a slight bit of sadness because, well, we are going to Germany in the fall, and I have to leave it behind.  But, it is nice knowing that we’ll be retuning to this as well 🙂


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