Blogging is Lame

But not blogging once you start is even lamer, because all of the excuses you have for not blogging turn out to be lame too!  So, as a jumpstart, here are thirteen lame excuses, (and explainations!) for my silence over the past few weeks:

  1. I needed to get my hair cut
    (which I did get done.  My bangs are in a good place, and I finally found a salon and stylist I will be returning to)
  2. I’ve been really hormonal lately.
    (lame because having two ‘x’ chromosomes means I’m destined to be a very hormonal creature.  which at times makes me feel sorry for JP!  i’m just thankful he loves me so much!)
  3. I had to catch the dog.
    (Sally actually did make a jail break a while back, which resulted in me pursuing her for 2 hours before finally making a flying linebacker tackle.)
  4. I’ve wanted to get more sleep.
    (heh, very lame excuse because no matter what I do I’m never in bed before 11!)
  5. Work has been busy.
    (this is a yes and no thing.  I haven’t been stressed to the point of crying in the dressing room because of cookies, but it has been in other aspects)
  6. I’ve been working on my German
    (ha, nope.  I got another language CD, but JP would totally point out I can’t use this one because we haven’t actually been doing it!)
  7. I need to paint my toenails.
    (we’ll see if this actually happens)
  8. Taxes
    (i was proud of myself. i got them in the mail yesterday.  i will say however, state income tax is complicated!)
  9. Etsy is a distraction.
    (bah, yeah right)
  10. Facebook
    (really lame because I’ve been spending waaaaay too much time on it lately)
  11. I’ve been playing with pretty things!
    (mainly my small horde of Glittersniffer stuff — I LOVE the sparkle in her products, and she is an awesome seller!)
  12. I’ve been contemplating getting at tattoo.
    (lame!  this is something i’ve been considering for YEARS and still haven’t acted upon!)
  13. I’ve been playing Mario
    (lame because I’ve played maybe 3 hours total, and still have YET to beat the first Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii… note: I’ve had the game since I got the Wii…)

So there you have it.  Hopefully these made you chuckle at least!


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