Friday Fives: Geeklings

So, I have totally made it no secret that JP and I are going to be having kids at some point during this adventure called marriage.  And I even read a few mama/baby blogs and squee over the cute geeking things on ThinkGeek, and ogle all of the pregnancy and baby pictures from friends on facebook.  I also joke about our future children quite a bit.  And I just want to say that this:  I am NO way ready to have children just yet!  (though, JP is constantly worried that my biological clock is telling me that it is time.  Nope, its not.  I just adore kids!)

So, given the bolded statement above, I thought it would be fun to post why we’re not ready imho for this weeks fives list:

  1. We’re still kids ourselves and have tons of growing up left to do!  Part of that includes growing into our marriage fully — we’re still learning about eachother.  (example: while grocery shopping JP: how about we get apple juice? Me: I don’t drink apple juice, it does funny things to my stomach. JP: I didn’t know that! — see?)
  2. Travel.  Granted, with how I plan to parent, our kids will be VERY packable.  Case and point: when JP and I went to lunch today our table was next to a young couple (my guess was that they were a tad older than us) and their infant.  Said infant was in it’s carseat, which was strapped into a stroller, and taking up the ENTIRE space between the tables.  I leaned over to and told him that I will not be a stroller mama.  When he asked what I planned to do I simply said that I’ll wear my baby.  Boy did I get a funny look!  Anyway, back to what I was saying about waiting on children… our first international trip will be this fall, and we plan on doing alot of weekend trips that will involve hostel jumping.  That with little ones could be do able, but I’m really looking forward to this as time for just us as a young couple.
  3. Stability.  Here I’m not talking about stability with us, heck, JP is stuck with me for a looooong time.  I mean as far as living arrangements go.  As said above, we’re moving for freaking EUROPE this fall, and our summer living arrangements will be crazy.  Not to mention, we’re trying to figure out how to juggle packing up out current place, and going to Houston then end of May and packing the dog back there to stay with his partent.  Like I said, it will be crazy, and I know that personally I’m going to want to be a little more settled before we start popping them out.
  4. I’m not ready to have all of my time and energy sucked away by a baby beginning with conception — I say this because I know for a fact that I’m going to be the kind of new mom who will literally stare at her newborn for HOURS while it sleeps, and get very little done.  Granted, I don’t have a newborn and the kitchen looks like both hurricanes Katrina and Ike went through it, but I know it would be so so SO much worse!  Also, the thought of morning sickness literally scares the crap out of me… ok, maybe not literally.  But given how I am with just the usual monthly ebb and flow of hormones and food, I foresee pregnancy being a puke fest for me in the early stages. 
  5. Expenses.  Idealy I want to have my student loans finished, and be most of the way through grad school (and maybe law school?) before we begin advertising we have a womb for rent. (ok, baaad pun, but I couldn’t resist)  That, and I’d like to be in a position to at least be able to work part time in my field, or even better out of the home.  Knowing myself, I could NOT do daycare for a baby.  If I was put in a situation were it was the only way, then alright, but I would never do it willingly.  Also, while I think there is a TON of extra expenses that are put out there for babies now a days, our biggest concern is getting to a place where having out geekling covered by insurance won’t cost us hundreds of extra dollars a month. 

So, that’s the short list of why I want to wait to have our own little geekling. 

But…I kinda want a puppy… darn German adventure, my puppy will have to wait! 😉


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