earth day!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

I thought about writing something profound and inspiring about what you can do to make the world a cleaner, healthier, and better place to live.  I thought that it would be awesome to write something that would bare my soul to the internet and show how I don’t really think about being green, it just happens, and actually has happened most of my life.

But alas, work and everything is keeping me busy, so I’m going to offer a few tips (things that I do) for being green!

  • Support your local farms and farmers. 
    The most obvious way to do this is by going to your farmers market, or buying local produce, meat and dairy at your local grocery store. But you can do more.  Sign up to be a CSA (community suppported agriculture) partner with a farm. Volunteer to help with farm chores.  By doing these things you’re supporting more ecologically sound farming practices!
  • Avoid fast food.
    This sounds more like a diet tip than a being green tip, but by avoiding fast food you are keeping lots of waste out of landfills, and saying no to the practices that are proven to contribute to soil, water and air degradation.
  • Don’t trash your electronics.
    Seriously don’t.  Take e-waste to a proper recycling facility/  Many times different componants to things like cell phones, computers, fax machines and printers can be salveged and resused!
  • Support your local zoo/parks/arboretums/nature centers/partnerships/etc!
    These small non-profits actually do alot in the ways of education and environmental awareness.  I’ve interned, worked and volunteered for many in Houston, and this Saturday with the zoo here opening again I hope to get back into more volunteering!
  • Buy BIG bottles/boxes of things.
    By choosing to purchase larger bottles of things like soaps, milk, juice, cereal and more you’re going to be cutting waste nearly in half!  (also, remember to recycle your empties!)
  • Get, and USE reusable containers.
    From water bottles, to lunch containers, to baskets and the like you can totally do the REUSE part of the 3R’s!  Even just switching to using a couple things makes a BIG difference!

Granted, a bunch of these are ‘duh’ things, but it never hurts to be reminded! And of course there are TONS of other things you can do 😀


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