Friday Fives: Shakespeare

Today marks the day which we celebrate the birth of  William Shakespeare(he’s 446 today!), a man who is the world’s greatest playwrites and wordsmiths!  So in Honor of the man, I present in this edition of FF five awesome Shakespeare themed goodies!  They include websites, things you can buy, and LOTS more!

So enjoy the day, and may the Bard be with you!!

  1. The Reduced Shakespeare Company
    Ahhh, how I LOVE this group.  I have the Complete Works on DVD, and will be watching it tonight.  Needless to say, every single time I laugh SO freaking hard my sides hurt!  So, here’s a video clip of their version of Othello, which is pure awesomeness:
  2. ZOMBIE Shakespeare Shirt @HOT TOPIC!
    Being a geek makes me love zombies.  I mean, what’s not to love about the brain eating undead?  And even more, what’s not to LOVE about a ZOMBIE SHAKESPEARE shirt??!!??  I keep going back and forth on whether I want to order it. ..
  3. Thou cockered beef-witted scut!
    And I have to ask, what Shakespeare day would be complete without insults?  Click the link! CLICK IT NOW THOU RANK FOLLY-FALLEN HARPY!!!
  4. Shakespeare’s Den
    This is an awesome website with a great collection of Bard goodies! I own the sonnet scarf, the little thinker, shakespeare magnetic poetry and the taming of the shrew in a box.   Eventually when we’re settled I plan to have all the mugs and a few other things. 😉
  5. The Complete Works
    What list would be complete without the complete Works?  Thank you to MIT for having it on the web for everyone to access!!!

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