Friday Fives: Coffee Shops

Yeah… I’ve been really bad about posting this week, and literally haven’t felt like writing.  Its been a long and tiring week too, and I have spent ALL FREAKIN day racking my brain to figure out what to post for my FF, and only came up with it when I went to the “evil coffee shop” while I was waiting on John Paul to get out of a meeting today.

So, here are the top five things I order when I go to coffee shops, anywhere! (oddly enough, since I gave up coffee before our wedding I’ve had HUGE issues with coffee making me sick)

  1. Iced Green Tea
    This is what I got today.  I adore green tea, especially iced!
  2. Hot Chocolate with a Shot of Hazelnut
    I discovered this on accident when the coffee shop across from campus was out of vanilla syrup.  The guy behind the counter suggested I try it, and I get it whenever order hot chocolate.
  3. Gingerbread Latte (decaf)
    Usually this is something seasonal, but occasionally I’ll find an indie shop that will have it year round.
  4. Vanilla Steamer
    Steamers are great.  So simple, and pretty much perfection in a cup.  Make it a vanilla steamer, and you have heaven in a cup!
  5. Italian Sodas
    I love flavors like blood orange(fruit vampire love!),  raspberry, black cherry, and lime.  I nearly always get theses with cream, even if it adds a bajillion calories.  Mmmm 🙂

Hmm, I think we’ll be going to my favorite coffee shop down town tomorrow morning when we go to the first farmers market of the year! 😀


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