Can Computers Heal?

How I feel given this computer situation!

So, back in January I suffered computer death to my gaming/bettef/has webcam/entertainment/can play warcraft computer, and for some reason it decided to turn on last night, and then again this morning… we’re not sure what the heck is up with it, and quite frankly I don’t know why I decided to try turning it on again at random last night after 4 months of nothing.  But I did, and it seems to be working again in its own way.

This discovery has left me a little perplexed, and thankfully one of our friends who is a techie at Purdue is willing to look over the darned thing and make suggestions. (which I am SO happy about, because you know how much techie types hate it when people ask to get their computers fixed!  I am so making them a cake or something) 

JP seems to think that it might be something to do with either the power cord, or the plug in point.  Personally, I’m wondering if for some reason the computer healed itself?  Crazy as it sounds, I don’t have another better explaination.  I emailed the HP support guys, as well as described what was going on with the computer to some tech guys I’ve known FOREVER! And by all account the computer should be dead.  D-E-D, dead!  and now for some reason “eeeets ALIVE” again.


So, my dear internet, do you have any other ideas as to why this happened?  I’m hoping that the thing can be salvaged somehow, and its not too $$$ to do so.

And if this is the case, I can get back to playing WoW again!  Which is something i know JP is NOT a fan of, but what can I say?  I really, really, really, really like keeling things in game 😉



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