Friday Fives: Etsy Edition 2

Time for another Etsy Edition of FF’s!!

  1. Tattoo Socks — These are REALLY AWESOME!!  I adore tights that are out of the box, and these certainly are!  The seller is from Isrial, but talk about decent shipping costs!  Only $2.80 to ship ANYWHERE!  Some of my favorites are the Octopus, the Butterfly and the Peacock!  There is also a really cute Twitter design and one that pays homage to the Matrix.
  2. Madd Style — I love love love the gal who runs this shop, and she has some serious skills with her sewing machine!  She has awesome designs.  I recently got a Mario messenger bag from her and it rocks!!  JP liked it too 😀  She always has unique fabric like Alice in Wonderland, Zombie Hello Kitty, aaaand Star Wars!
  3. Hemlock Hollow Creations — I was an environmental studies major in college, and I LOVE items that are nature themed or inspired.  I stumbled upon this shop when I was searching for “Cicada” on Etsy a couple days ago, and found some pretty awesome earrings.  I also love the dragonfly wing earrrings and the strawberry pendant (leaves are something I love!).  If I had the money I would make a few of these part of my jewelry collection in a heartbeat!  (stupid student loans!)  Eh, well, someday!
  4. Working Girl Cosmetics — This is the sister site to Glittersniffer Cosmetics, which I reviewed in my last Etsy Edition, and while I ADORE GC, I can say that I also think that Working Girl is pretty awesome by its own right!  I love wearing these colors when I want something more toned down, or if I have to go meet with the big bosses at my job.  My favorite colors include Thunder — which is an awesome nearly matte gray, Bliss — which is a wonderful mossy color, Coke — a BEAUTIFUL brown, and Girls’ Night — which I think makes a wonderfully sassy strawberry pink!
  5. ShihoYamashita — I LOVE unique and pretty jewelry, and this shop has it!  One of my absolute favorite items is the Little Prince pendant!  I love this French story, and would love to wear this!  Other designs I also adore (and think you should check out) are the Lotus Hoop Earrings, the Bubbles and Flowers Bracelet, aaaand the Petite Silver Heart necklace! 

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