Friday Fives: HOUSTON eats!!

We’ll be heading back to Houston in a couple weeks, and I am SOOO looking forward to it.  What I’m really really looking forward to is some of the FOOD I can get in Texas!  So, here’ are five of the things we’re going to be getting when we get down South!

    I LOVE these little mud bugs, and they are SO good with a Texas beer.
  2. Kolache
    These are awesome, and we cannot get them in Indiana, and I used to get a few every couple weeks when I was still working at HANC.  I would argue that they’re one of the BEST breakfast foods.
  3. Tex-Mex
    When JP and I were still dating the linked Tex-Mex place was our go-to place to eat when we couldn’t decide.  We miss the spiciness associated with the food!
  4. Bubble Tea
    This was some place I used to hit up all the time in college.  When we’re back I’m totally ordering my strawberry green tea with apple gel and baby tapioca!
  5. Sushi
    Yes, I can get sushi in Indiana, but i swear that it in Indiana, but Bluefish is my absolute favorite place in Houston!!  I’m hoping that Cat will be up for a sushi date when I’m in town ❤

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