Friday Fives: Alien

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So, up until Wednesday night I had NEVER see Alien, despite being somewhat of a sci-fi geek (though, I think JP probably has me beat there).  So today’s FF’s is going to be five of my thoughts/reactions to the movie:

  1. You’re NEVER supposed to poke an egg like that if you don’t know what will hatch!!
    (When Cain fell into the nest)
  2. If a guy came back to the ship with a squid thing in his helmet/on his face I would have thrown him off and taken off ASAP.
    (When the away team comes back)
  3. That’s what happens when Bilbo Baggins is your science officer.
    (When the alien pops out of and kills Cain)
  4. Goo is ALWAYS a bad sign.
    (When Dallas finds some in the air shaft)
  5. You would think kitties would be tasty alien treats, but NOOOOO, it wasn’t interested.
    (when the alien pokes at Jones when he’s in the box)

I must say, I wasn’t sure about the movie from the start, but as it turned out I really liked it.  I appreciated the fact that there wasn’t a lame ending like Anaconda to name one movie. 😛  And what is even better is that now I understand a who


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