Gearing Up: To Do List

So, we’re gearing up to hit the road tomorrow and head to Houston.  And as usual, I still have yet to pack, and have a HECK of a lot to get done… here’s a sampling of what I’m looking at getting done – in no particular order- before 10pm:

  1. Get tired rotated and checked (4:30)
  2. Gas the car up (later tonight)
  3. Buy stuff for trail mix
  4. Make trail mix
  5. Deliver plant and rent check to David’s as he will be taking care of things for us
  6. Pack – myself and get Sally’s things ready
  7. Shower
  8. Eat dinner
  9. Laundry (JP has already started this)
  10. Get backseat ready for Sally
  11. Make sure music selection in car is set
  12. Detrash car
  13. Pack car
  14. Clean kitchen
  15. Buy SD card for camera
  16. Get phone numbers for motels in Little Rock and Texarkana
  17. Sleep!

This is probably by no means EVERYTHING that needs to be done, but somehow we’ll manage!  My hopes are that we’ll be far enough along that we can get on the road before 8 tomorrow.  Wish us luck!!!


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