Houston trip = whew!

So, I’ve been silent yet again.  Shame, shame shame, SHAME! 😉

IT was a good trip, unfortunately I didn’t get to see everyone I wanted, but I think I will be in a better position to when we’re back in September before heading to Germany.

Both ways we ended up doing the drive in one shot.  It was faster going down than coming up for a couple reasons.  First, we didn’t have to sit in morning rush hour traffic coming down (like there’s any here!) and for some wacky reason the GPS took us through southern Indiana on our way back north, which meant I was driving on back roads at 1am with opossums that I swear were the size of Sally!  From about 3pm until 8 we did the panic dash between NPR stations as we drove between station limits.  (yes, we’re young, but have oh so boring taste in radio!)

And speaking of Sally, she did really really well in the car both ways.  I was silly and didn’t take too many pictures, but here are a few of her in the car on the way back home:

This is her “please share your crackers/fries/tissue” position.


How about the “I’ll just lean on your shoulder until you share with me”

And of course most of the way she was doing this:

(oh how I wish I could fit comfortably on the back seat to sleep like that!)


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