Being Good Neighbors

This morning in our local newspaper this article ran about how the local BP stations are having a hard time because of the spill.  Many people have boycotted them because of what happened and continues to happen in the Gulf.  To me something like boycotting gas stations doesn’t make sense, and it actually proves how silly and uneducated most people are when it comes to how this HUGE multi-national companies run.  Which saddens and sickens me.

The gist of the article is that by avoiding buying gas from a station you aren’t hurting BP, but rather the station owners and employees.  To which I say: “DUH!”  Though, I can see why the JC ran it.  Sometimes people need to be told the most obvious things.  When we were coming back from Texas we stopped at quite a few BP stations to fuel up as well as to use the facilities.  And actually, I was pleased with the cleanliness of all of them.  (which as you know is REALLY important for a chick on a road trip)

Seriously, boycotting BP is like those “No Shopping”, “Don’t Buy Gas” and “Lights Out” days.  They really have NO impact on major corporations as a whole. That and the function of those “events” is just to make people feel good, and like they did something.  Hate to tell you this, but its a load of money dung.  Not to mention the fact, gas is only one small portion of what crude oil goes into.  (think happy meal toys, cell phones, cars, etc!)  So even the thought of being completely weened off of fossil fuels is funny to me.

So, be a good neighbor and go ahead and support your local BP station.  Ignore the name, and support a local business.  Jobs are hard enough to come by these days, and surely you don’t want to be part of someone else losing their job and not being able to put food on the table for their children!

**Disclaimer: I was NOT paid by BP to write this.  And I am not a totally heartless person when it comes to caring about the environment.  I have an environmental degree, and do live my life as green as possible.  This post was just spurred by the stupidity that I’ve seen happening in regards to the spill.



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