Friday Fives: Current Obsessions

Here are five things that I’ve been googling the heck out of lately:

  1. Vintage Pyrex — My mother and grandmothers all have wonderful pieces that have been used and loved for years.  I remember always reaching for them to mix up cakes and cookies and make meatballs in.  And now that I’ve joined the “old marrieds” group of young adults I am really wanting to get some of my own.  And my only question is why pyrex doesn’t make pretty things anymore?  Clear is useful, but oh so boring!  Links:
    Pyrex Love
    Country Home
    and of course you can find lots on ETSY!
  2. German Ikea Site — Ikea is definitely somewhere we will be hitting up when we get there for some basics like sheets, bowls and cups.  Basically things we’ll need to buy for cheap and couldn’t bring with us.  I’m also learning a little German as I go through it. (another post about that later)
  3. C.O. Bigelow — Bath and Body Works had a HUGE sale on two of my favorite products, so I’m stocked up for Germany 🙂  I love the hand lotion (I got lemon!) and the lip shines (cinamint ❤ )
  4. Ex-Pat info sites — I’m still in the nervous/excited stage, so being able to read about people who are already over there is nice.  Especially when I find things about things you’ll miss/want to bring/tips and tricks.  They help make me feel better and more like I can actually do this.  Granted, I’m doing it whether I’m ready or not, but you know how it goes.
  5. Cake Wrecks This site seriously rocks my socks.  I love that along with the tradgic and laughable that they also showcase some pretty awesome cake creations 🙂

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