So.. yeah.. life gets going, computers crash, people come to visit, said computer has a corrupt driver/OS so you have to change it, and you get sick. 

That pretty much sums up the past few weeks.  (also why this blog has been so quiet!)  But we’re back again, and will have new things coming.  Including posts by JP!!

I can’t believe that its practically the end of July already!  Seriously, where did the past two months go?  Talk about CRAZY!  Also, JP and I are FAST approaching our first wedding anniversary.  holy. crap.  Has it really nearly been a year already?  Also, Germany is fast approaching, AND pretty much everything is full steam ahead.  JP is getting excited, while I’m getting really nervous.  I know I’ll be ok once we get there, but its still going to be another HUGE move. 

Also, I’ve been working my little fingers off to bring this to life:


This is my Etsy shop!  Please stop in, look around and consider buying something 🙂  I know the timing sucks with us leaving and all, but that’s life. 

So, until the next post — hopefully it won’t be so disjointed — ciao!


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