Friday Fives: Tex-mex, how you are MISSED

One of the things that we were really spoiled by living and going to school in Texas was the HUGE variety of Mexican food that we had — specifically the yummy spicy variety of TexMex food!  Since we moved we’ve been on a quest to find something that tastes like home, but its been harder than we first thought!

So, here’s a list of FIVE restraunts(we actually 4 and one bakery) in our area that we’ve eaten at, and our impressions.

  1. Pepe’s:  This was the first ‘mexican’ place we tried — and HO BOY where we in for it.  We went her soon after moving last year, aaand figured why not try it? Its ALWAYS busy!  heh… it was some of the WORST we had!  The salsa had NO flavor — the sauce they claimed ‘kicked it up’ made it taste like a bitter bitter mess, my chili rellano was weeping on my plate and cold, JP’s quesadillas were greesy and did NOT have fajita chicken like requested… ugh, we’ve NEVER been back 😛
  2. Don Pabblo: This was our most recent venture, and again we were disappointed.  The food was ‘meh’, but our BIG problem – aside from suspecting that JP got food poisoning! – was that the service was HORRIBLE!  Our server pretty much ignored us after she took our order, and we had to practically chase her down to get the bill.  She also NEVER checked on us after our food was brought to us, the sprite was out of syrup, ugh… it was just a bad experience over all — we aren’t going back here either!
  3. Little Mexico:  I was introduced to this place by the ladies at work, and while the food isn’t five star, its great for a quick lunch!  And it sort of reminds me of a few of the greasy Mexican places near UST’s campus where i’d go with friends for margaritas and queso, or a late night mexican food fix.  The decorations (which include the tables and chairs!) remind me a heck of a lot of the Mexican markets in San Antonio.  Also, it seems that pretty much everyone there is actually Mexican — which is totally different than the previous two restraunts!
  4. Taco Rico: This is actually our favorite out of the places we’ve eaten in town — it tastes the most like home, even if its not quite there.  The portions when we went where HUGE!  I literally didn’t eat even a THIRD of what we were served – so yay to having lunch the next day!  chances are we’ll be going back now that we’ve gotten it out of our system that we should try other places.  Ha.  Not again — at least not in Lafayette.   Maaaaybe in Indy…Taco Rico was also full of those of Mexican decent, both working and eating there, which is a good sign 🙂
  5. Mama Ines Mexican Bakery: While obviously NOT TexMex, this place is AWESOME.  It makes be so happy that there is an actual Mexican Bakery here, which is ah-may-zing!  I can get a HUGE churro (seriously, the they are the size of my arm .. well, at least as long!) and it will be yummy and seriously be UNDER a dollar!!  They also have tamales for sale, as well as mexican coke (no corn syrup here!) and a variety of other goodies.  I really can’t rave enough about this place, NOR can I express how happy that I am that I can get my fix on Mexican baked goods when I need them!

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