As mentioned yesterday we celebrated being married a year!  Go us! we haven’t managed to kill eachother and no one has spent the night on the couch.  Yay personal successes… ok I should say that Sally has spent nights on the couch, but she’s the dog and has her own “room” — her kennel with a cushy pillow all to herself.

JP surprised me by taking me to Chicago for the morning and early part of the afternoon on Satruday — the ride up was interesting to say the least … we drove through 45 minutes of HEAVY rain!  And I really do mean heavy — as in Houston rain heavy!  But we made it.  I will say, one of the best things about living where we are is that Chicago is only two hours away, and an hour behind — so we leave at 8am eastern to arrive there at 9am central — which rocks because that means we get into the museums early!

On the way up I got to geek out over the wind farm that is just north of Lafayette:

Yes… I am a dork!

So that was tons of fun!  Also, thinking about it, it does make a heck of a lot of sense to have windfarms up here in with all the corn and soybeans — seems like a win-win situation for everyone to me, but then again, I haven’t talked to any farmers to see what they think either!

Our first stop in Chicago was the Field Museum — which I was SUPER excited about because I would finally get to ‘meet’ Sue, the trex they have!

I was literally giddy as we walked INTO the museum!!!  The first time I had heard/read about Sue was when I was still in elementary school in an issue of National Geographic, and I’ve wanted to see her since!  Especially since she happens to be the MOST complete skeleton that has been found to date!!

ZOMG! Sooo freakin cool!

We walked around to see most of the general exhibits, which included everything from DNA, to evolution (yay more dinosaurs!), a Jade room, the South Pacific, and egypt!!

Hehe! we’re standing on a tomb!

ACK! Giant Squid attacking Egypt!

Said tomb ^^

hieroglyphic ‘gut’ jars! (as I call ’em!)

I LOVED the museum (I think JP did too!) and we’ll probably be going back post-Germany!

After a few hours of looking around we decided that it was time to go check out Navy Pier… and we decided to walk it!  Ok, just under 3 miles isn’t that far, except when you haven’t eaten lunch and expect it to be a HECK of a lot closer!  But we made it, tired, footsore (I have HUGE blisters with smaller blisters on top!) and hungry.  So we ate, looked a couple of the shops and decided that there were far too many people so we headed back to the car for more adventures — only, we didn’t walk this time, we took the boat! (totally worth the money!!)

The pier as seen from the boat…


nly pic I really got of us … I think I caught JP at a baad moment!

After we got off the boat we headed back to the car in hopes of finding parking near Willis Tower — ha, should have known better!  INSTEAD we drove around getting mad at eachother and the GPS and finally headed home.  The drive back felt a little longer, but we were both tired!  We did get home before 6, so we headed out for dinner to an awesome little Italian restraunt here, went home, watch a bit of something, and JP woke me up to go to bed.

Sunday we decided to head to Indy for a couple hours for some shopping and a Half Price Books run — we made over $70!!  Came home and had cake!  We have NO idea what happened to our actual cake top from the wedding so I ordered a similar cake from a local bakery, which was really yummy!

Our ‘wedding’ cake!

Sally was even allowed a small piece!

All and all, I think we had a pretty nice first anniversary — not overly exciting, but still fun and relaxing!  Heck, we don’t need exciting right now, exciting is happening in a couple months!!


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