Friday Fives: Etsy Edition Numba THREEEE

It’s that time again… time for ANOTHER Etsy Edition of FFs!!  So, without delay, here we go:

  1. SmittenHomeTrends: This shop is run by a friend of mine from Idaho!  She does some freaking awesome thing which strongly remind me of the home sections of Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie — for instance how geeky are these coasters?  Who doesn’t need a hidey book to keep super secret things under wraps? Aaand how awesome is this candle holder?  Seriously, if i wasn’t going to Germany in a couple months I’d totally get a bunch of her stuff to decorate our apartment! PLUS she’s having a HUGE sale right now — check her out!
  2. ThisCharmingCandy:  So I randomly found this shop when i was doing my usual puttering around Etsy a while ago — and OMG,  I’ve ordered TWICE from them and have loved every.single.lollypop. I’ve gotten from them!  By far my favorites have been the Salted Caramel and the Pistachio-Marshmallow, buuut in reality i have liked every flavor I’ve tried!  I love that they have combination packs  — like the breakfast, love triangle, and adventure – – but what I adore, and what I’ve ordered, is the Charm School Dropout packs!  My reasoning?  They still taste the same (which is beyond yummy) but this way I don’t have to stress over what I’m going to order!  And I LOVE surprises 🙂
  3. Kellysima: I actually found this shop via the front Etsy page via a featured treasury!  And boy, is her jewelry awesome!  I immediately fell in love with this ring (and now own it of course!)  I love how everything is vintage inspired/made from vintage things — like my ring is from a vintage spoon!  Everything is soft and romantic and all so gloriously vintagey!! (that “vintagey” even a word?)  Check it out!
  4. Hello Linzy Jewelry: This shop is full of oodles of drool worthy Swarovski jewelry, and even more, the pictures of her goods is all kinds of gorgeous all on its own!  I love love love the names she gives her ball pendant creations like aurora borealis, juicy juice, and the gentlemen’s fancy!  She also has non-Swarovski gems that are just as beautiful, like the bird watchers delight, party favor and frozen berries!!  She also has a LINK to her treasuries, which are all as gorgeous as her shop!!!
  5. The Dirty Housewife Soap Co:  Ok, first off, how FREAKIN awesome is the name of this shop?!  I LOVE it!!  And the soaps, lib balms and everything else are amazing too — look at this yummy looking french toast soap, which is complete with syrup and BUTTER!!!   And how would you not want to smell like absinthe, violet,  honeysuckle, or a mojito???   Looking for a sweet smelling perfume? the sweet spot section of her shop seriously has me going OMG.  I love finding shops like these, they make me SO happy 🙂

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