Friday Fives: Smiles

O-M-G! She’s posting!! Can you believe it?!?!

Aaaaanyways, I feel like this is kind of a cheat post because its a FF post, but its something, no? This week’s edition happens to be about five things that ALWAYS make me smile, so here we go:

  1. Running – the title on my long dead livejornal was “I Smile When I Run”, because quite frankly its true.  When I run I smile.  I can’t help it!  It happens every time.
  2. Aliens – its not the idea of aliens themselves that makes me smile, its JP’s Mulder-like fascination with them, UFOs and things of that nature.  Personally I’m a cynic when it comes to that sort of thing – which I think comes from growing up outside of Area 51 for a good chunk of my life, and seeing all the weirdos the area attracts.  But, JP’s interest in it makes me grin, even if I do give him a hard time about it.  And he actually found something kind of interesting about what is reported to be an alien battle that took place in the 1500’s in Germany.  I’ll admit, that is kinda cool.  Though, chances are unless something landed in our backyard or beamed me up, I will still be the Scully to his Mulder.
  3. Flying through a Cloud – by that I mean when I’m in a plane and sitting by the window.  I know exactly how clouds are formed, the requirements and how they work, but dare I say that they still have a wonderous quality for me? Yes. Yes I do.
  4. Treaching – I LOVED teaching at HANC, and I really really really miss it!  Something about seeing how amazed kids can be about things you know and how excited they get makes me excited about things all over again! ( I should mention that there are off days like everything else, but overall I adore teaching!)
  5. Asian food – for me Asian foods are the ultimate pick-me-up, and I cannot for the life of me stay grumpy after eating them.  It doesn’t really matter if it happens to be pad thai, sushi, or greasy general tso’s chicken.  Its just great.



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