Friday Fives: Cthulhu

JP just finished GMing the first module in a Call of Cthulu game — I’m playing an awesome parapsycologist!  So, since everyone’s favorite elder god is on my mind I thought this would be the prefect theme for a FF post!

  1. Baby Cthulhu shirtThinkGeek has done it again!  This came into my inbox yesterday and I am OH so tempted to go ahead and order it even though we’re still YEARS out from having a geekling of our own!  (I should mention that I’ve told JP that I think a Cthulu kid room would be awesome!)
  2. Munchkin Cthulhu is probably one of my FAVORITE out of the Steve Jackson games!  Once I had a wandering monster card, the great cthulu card, and two bonus cards, making the great cthulhu a level 45 monster — I totally played on JP and he totally ran away. It was NUTS!
  3. Cthulhu on Etsy – Ok, let me say this, I typed it in and found some pretty awesome stuff.  Like this, this, this, oh, and this.  Buuuut I also found some things that were… uh… totally not worthy of an elder god?  Like this and this!  Granted, thats my opinion, but I’m sticking to it!  And since when does tentacles = Cthulhu?
  4. Cthulhu Lives – is a great site surrounding the Lovecraftien mythos with info, game props and more.
  5. Hello Cthulhuthis has to be one of my favorite chibi-cthulhu pictures out there!  Seriously, need I say more?  Aaaand Hello Cthulhu > Hello Kitty!!

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