Cupcake Week 2010: Monday

Today marks the first day for National Cupcake Week in the UK.  Aaaand even though we don’t live in the UK — though in three weeks we will be in Europe! — I decided that we should go ahead and celebrate the week with LOTS of cupcakes!!

Today was a good friend’s birthday so I made these:


JP baked these while I was at work — which was no easy task because, heh, someone packed the 12 muffin tin and only left the 6…. which means that they had to be done in shifts.  But they turned out awesome!!

The batch made 18 so I took 6 over to be enjoyed at K & J’s house for dinner, and the additional 12 to Knit Night at River Knits with K later.  They were a hit.  I also ment some awesome ladies, and I only wish I had started doing this sooner!!  Ah, well, something to look forward to when I get back.  Oh, and yes, “knit night” does mean what you think — I am knitting now!  I can’t do too much, but my first project is nearly finished, so pics will come soon! 🙂

Time for bed — expect more cupcakey goodness through the 19th!


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