Cupcake Week 2010: Tuesday

No baking happened today — BUT I did wear an adorable cupcake necklace all day today that was done by Cute-N-Sweet Cafe, a really awesome Etsy seller 🙂


Other than that, its been a looong day.  On the way to work today I got stopped for 30 minutes because of fire trucks and other emergency vehicles (my drive usually takes 10 minutes), then mid morning there was a fire drill for the building, and then going back to work after lunch I was stopped again to allow fire trucks to get out of the station.  What the heck?! Yesterday coming home from work it happened as well!  I hope things slow down with the fire trucks — don’t get me wrong I’m happy we have emergency services, but this whole thing has been a little nutty!  Nothing happened on the way home (thankfully!), so we’ll just have to wait and see!

Until tomorrow!


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