Cupcake Week 2010: Friday (fives!)

Last night JP and I had a exciting — well not really… we had a nice simple date night. (I say nice because there isn’t a whole heck of a lot to do on a Thursday night in Lafayette)

We ran to get a DS game case for me (to save space!), a shirt for JP, and then to Barns and Noble to hang out for a bit. (This is the point where I should note that just about any time we don’t know what else we should do that we head to a bookstore!)

While we were there I paroosed the cookbook section and found five cupcake cookbooks! (I also found lots of other awesome cookbooks, but its cupcake week.) So, in honor of cake in a cup here are my five picks from last night:

  1. What’s New Cupcake:   I love some of the designs and ideas in this book!  This is the follow up book to Hello Cupcake, but out of the two this one is my personal favorite.
  2. Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes:  The photography in this book is amazing.  And love her or hate her, you have to admit that Martha has some pretty awesome books out there.
  3. Vegan Cupcakes:  I’m not vegan, or really even vegetarian (I’m a part-time veg, but thats a story for another post), but I LOVE the recipes in this book.  My sister and I got this for a friend a couple years ago who then in turn made us the banana cupcakes.  OMG, to DIE for!!
  4. A Zombie Ate my Cupcake: I actually didn’t see this in the cookbook section, but rather over by the sci-fi/fantasy section (where JP was looking at HP Lovecraft books).  Just the name and picture on the front alone made me HAVE to pick this bad boy up.  I spent a good ten minutes giggling and going “ooooo” and being totally grossed out at times. (I also had to pick up THIS book and giggled the entire way through it!)  If we were going to be here for Halloween I totally would do some of the ideas in this book 😀
  5. 500 Cupcakes:  This has to be one of the bibles of cupcakes.  SO many options and they sound SO yummy!!

Also while we were there we got a RED VELVET cupcake to share and salted carmel hot chocolates — can you say YUM??  (I LOVE salted carmel anything!!)

And while I was waiting for our drinks to finish being made I took a glance at the mugs and other goodies they usually stock in the cafe area. (I’m trying to keep an eye out for a shakespeare mug I got before college that was take by a roommate.)  I found a travel tea mug I will have to go back and get, but also found THESE:

CUPCAKE MUGS!  I don’t plan on buying them (they’d only get packed up right away) but they are too darn cute!


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