Cupcake Week 2010: Weekend

Today marks the last cupcake week post that will be done!  Yes, I know that the week goes through tomorrow, but we’re going to Indy and will be up late with game, so I’m not overly concerned about missing it. 😉

At about noon today JP and I walked through the doors of the Yellow Bowl Bakery in search of material of my final blog post.  The shop is small, and I will say for me it was a slight turn off that there wasn’t really an established counter when we walked in — there was a pretty plain refrigerated  case and the register was sitting on a tiny table — then again, I’m used to walking into cupcake places like Sugarbabys and Crave — I totally realize that Lafayette is a smallish town, but I think something as simple as installing a nice white counter with yellow tops would dress the shop up a HECK of a lot, as well as improve the bakery’s image.  Then again, thats my opinion, and I wasn’t really there to look, but rather for a CUPCAKE!

Store front!

YBB says that in addition to making normal cupcakes, that they have SPIKED ones as well.  The spiked flavors they had today were Irish Carbomb and Chocolate Whiskey.  I ended up selecting the latter – though the red velvet ones were a very close second, but chocolate won out because I had the red v the night before!

Adult-beverage flavored chocolate!

The frosting tasted more strongly of whiskey than the cupcake itself did — but the cake was OH so moist and delicious!! Despite this, I don’t know if I’ll be back to buy any more cupcakes from YBB — mainly because I can spend $4 on one there, OR make a bunch at home for the same price.  That, and while I can overlook small things, the feeling I got when I walked in wasn’t all happy and sweet like I seem to associate with going somewhere for cupcakes.  I will say though, if you’re in the area, this is a local small business which is trying to make it, so feel free to stop in!  And if you do, leave a comment and tell me what you think 😀


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