We Made it!

Ok — so we actually made it to Hamburg in Monday afternoon, but we didn’t have internet access beyond briefly checking email on the Kindle until last night.  And thank God Nina and Pop gave it to us, it was a a HUGE help because unlike what we thought, my phone didn;t work once we landed in Frankfurt.

The flight was good aside from being long.  Niether of us got much sleep.  On the leg from Houston to Toronto we watched the new Robin Hood movie — it was ok, not bad, but I don’t think I’d go out of my way to watch it again.  Once in Toronto we hit up the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge – thanks Dad!- and got some food and alcohol into us before the flight, which turned out to be a VERY good thing, because as usual the airplane food sucked.  I also grabbed some fruit for breakfast, which again was a good call as the muffins they served us weren’t that filling.  On the flight to Germany we watched a few things, I finally got to see Babies, and JP got to watch Toy Story 3.  Like I said, before, we didn’t really sleep.  Oh, and across the asile from us there was a creepy woman who seriously looked like Alan Rickman — I say she was creepy because a few times when we tried to doze I woke up to her out of her seat and staring at us.  CREEPY!  German customs was no big deal, nor was getting onto the train once we figured out what exactly the signs were telling us to do.

The train ride from Frankfurt to Hamburg is a different story.  JP and I were both thinking that we’d be able to catch up on the lost sleep – boy were we wrong!  The first hour was nice on the train, then the next five where HELL.  A bunch of middle or high school aged kids got on the train and were extremely loud.  We figured they were just excited to be heading to Berlin (its the 20th ann. of the wall falling) and that they would quiet down.  Welps, they didn’t, and the only way they spoke was through yelling — and the two behind us kicked our seats the entire way, despite JP asking them multiple times (in German) to stop it.  I think had I not been so out of it I would have said something mean in english and smacked them.  THere was NO excuse for any of it!  When they finally got off the train you could hear the sigh of relief from our entire car.  I half expected everyone to cheer, but I think after hours of enduring the noise everyone was just as frazzled as we were.

Thankfully when we got off the train in Hamburg we were meeting up with our buddy, Antonia so she could guide us to our apartment.  By the time we got there we were both beyond exhausted — we checked in — our building manager was very talkative, he kept us for 45 minutes!  He showed us to our apartment.  The set up was a little different than we expected, but not displeasing.  We had a lot of cleaning up to do once the building manager and Antonia left — there was still milk in the fridge from the last person!  And the oven was a mess.  Also, unlike we were told, there weren’t any sheets, or towels, which meant that we would have to make an Ikea trip later.

After we moved furniture around and unpacked a bit we set off to find food — by this time we hadn’t eaten since breakfast on the plane — so about 11 hours.  We walked one direction, and then ended up going back to the train station, found lots of shops, got some food, headed home and were in bed before 7pm!  We slept a good few hours until I scared the crap out of both of us because of crying out in the middle of the night – I had a horrible charleyhorse in one of my legs.  Granted, I only have myself to blame because I had done all that walking in my plane shoes — i.e. no support!  Then we slept here and there through the night.

So, that was out first day in Germany.  More posts coming later.  I will say this, the whole time difference thing and chatting with people on facebook is SO weird!!  And its going to take some getting used to.

Until later!


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