You know you’re ‘old and married’ when…

Last night when we were just getting into bed to read and talk before going to sleep out of no where someone banged on our window.  I jumped out of my skin and JP was a little tense.  He got out of bed and went to the window to figure out what the heck was going on.

As it turns out a group of about four guys in black hoodies were going up to all the level 0 apartments with lights on and harassing people – we watched them do the same thing at window across the street.  For about the next minutes we played the game of having the lights on so we could read and then shutting them off when we heard movement from outside.  Also, JP kept watching for ‘those damn kids’, then it occured to us, if we were over here seperately or even me visiting while we were dating our reaction wouldn’t be like this.  JP even said while he was spying out the window he felt like he could be a 60 year old man with a shotgun waiting for the kids to dare to come back so he could scare the crap outta them.  Hahaha.

Anyway, a group of other people gathered outside and we’re guessing that they caught the troublemakers (we’re pretty sure they were drunk) and things quieted down.  But for that little bit it was an exciting hour of our lives. 😛


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