Friday Fives: Things that take getting used to

So we’ve been in Germany for nearly two weeks now, and I thought I’d do a quick re-cap of things that are taking some getting used to!

  1. Cooking — No, I don’t mean that I’m having to get used to cooking.  Heck, you know from the food posts here that I LOVE food and cooking.  What I’m having to get used to us cooking with a european set-up oven and stove-wise.  The stovetop takes a while to heat up, and I’m still trying to figure out what the go-to temperature is 😛  Not because I don’t know the f F to C converstion, its just taking time to figure out what will come automatically, like 350 at home!!
  2. Walking – we walk pretty much everywhere now, well, and take the train.  But seriously.  The train is agood walk for us, then we board the train, and walk some more!  On Sunday we even took a walk in the park near us for fun, and chances are that will become part of the routine becuse nothing is open on Sunday. 😉  This week we’ll probably take some books, knitting, lunch and the ipod out there and just relax for a few hours. Iwill say though, my jeans are beginning to fit nicely 😉
  3. Time – this is actually in two parts.  First is the time difference between Germany and the US.  We’re 6, 7. 8 and 9 hours ahead of the different time zones, which makes things entertaining/frustrating when trying to converse with family and friends at home.  That and it still makes me go “whoa” when I am chatting with friends in California or Indiana and they talk about just getting up and I’m either already eating lunch, dinner, or getting ready for bed!  The second part that I’m having to get used to us having all kinds of free time, and not knowing what to do with myself. I’ve been reading, knitting, studying German, and stalking facebook, but that can only keep me busy for so long, so I’ve taken to napping… I miss working, and I’m actually pretty envious that JP will have something regular that he has to do soon!  Here’s hoping that I find a nannying position soon so I have something to do, as well as bring in a little extra money!
  4. Getting Dressed – I wish I had listened to JP more about clothing colors before we left.  I brought what I would normally wear back in the US, here however my clothing is considered a little on the bright side… yeah, I don’t wear neons or anything like that, but from what I’ve noted just watching on the train, people seem to prefer blacks, grays, and the like.  So… oops!  I just need to be careful about what I wear out so I don’t get mugged 😛
  5. And you finally (you totally saw this coming) The Language – so yeah, I’ve been working on my German, but its freaking hard.  Its a little easier now that we’re actually IN Germany, but its still rough on me.  I did order a beer all by myself last Friday, and I’m *hoping* to get more confidant, but you know how it goes.  Heh, I guess I should get back to studying!

One thought on “Friday Fives: Things that take getting used to

  1. Happy 2 week anniversary coming up! Just know it only gets easier after the first month. So, you are halfway there.

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