Weekend Wanderings #1

Over the weekend we did quite a bit of walking and exploring.  Friday and Saturday where a little wet weather-wise, but Sunday was beautuful, if a little chilly.  How about a quick recap for what we did each day?


In the morning JP went to the University to finish taking care of things, and I stayed home reading, knitting and looking for a job.  After dinner we decided to go out and look for a game store about four stops away, and what JP claimed was a short walk… We ended up walking for about an hour and a half, in several wrong directions, but eventually we found it — also getting back to the train after was very quick because we knew where NOT to go.  The store we went to was mainly board games, and LOTS of people playing them!   All ages too.  We got LOTS of invitations to sit down and join tables, which was awesome, though we couldn’t stay – but we may go back sometime and see if there are any english speakers.


We spent most of the day at home until we went to Aldi — which you already read about.  We came home, made dinner and watched Dr. Who.  Wow, we’re exciting, no?

Most of the night I was up with a horribly upset stomach though 😦


I slept in pretty late because of the whole upset stomach thing the night before.  We got up, showered and left for Mass and some exploring.  Our first stop was this art museum:

There were some pretty cool things in this museum — like one HUGE roome deicated to harpsicords and another just to pianos — which were all at least 200 years old and all beautifully embellished.  We actually got in trouble – nothing too bad though – because no one told us that we needed to check my bag and our coats at the desk!  Oh, and I swear I have never seen so man CHAIRS in one museum before — and by that I mean just the regular exhibits, many of which were repoductions of rooms — but there was also an entire special exhibit dedicated to chairs!!  I will admit, the brain stool was kinda awesome, and totally something you could distract zombies with! (sadly I wasn’t allowed a picture)

Since we finished at the museum earlier than we were planning — a good chunk of it was closed off so they could set up new exhibits — we decided to head out to look at a couple of the churches.  (I say a couple, because do you have ANY idea how many churches are German cities? I’ll give you a hint: a TON)  Here are some pictures of our walking around:


Backside of one… we didn’t go in so I’m not sure about the name

Model of St. Petri — we wanted to climb
the tower but were just a little late, so
we’ll go do it another day.

JP walking downtown.

Backside of city hall and a bus!

Front of city hall — hopefully we can tour it soon!

St. Katherine — under construction/restoration.

Me in front of the tower and ruins of
St. Nicholas — bombed during WW2
We wanted to walk around the ruins
but where on the WRONG side of the
street! Again, another trip.

Side and tower of St. Michael’s
– didn’t get to go in because of the
CROWDS! so another trip is in order.

HUGE statue of Martin Luther at St. Michaels.
He’s very green!

And the AWESOME statue of St. Michael
over the door of the church!

After St. Michael’s we got on the train and headed back for church, dinner and more Dr. Who <– told ya we were exciting!


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