Friday Fives: Etsy Edition – HAMBURG!

By now you all know that I have an OBSESSION with Etsy.  I discovered the shop local feature a couple months ago and decided to punch in Hamburg to see who was crafting in my new home for this year!  Here are five of my favorite finds:

  1. HanseART — Awesome clothing!  I especially adore this, this and THIS!  They’re a little out of my price range right now, but that doesn’t mean I won’t look!  And you can’t deny that a fleece coat would be WONDERFUL!
  2. 11m2 — I have a love affair with zipper pouches, just ask JP.  I love mouse print on THIS one!!  And since I adore being outside and nature THIS bag makes my heart go all a-flutter – i love leaf prints ❤
  3. GusandOllie –Ok, can you say ugly-cute? and I love things that are ugly-cute 😀  Take a look at BamBam, Elroy, and Solly!  There is no way those won’t make you smile. 🙂  Something tells me a few ugly-cute things like this are in order for the geeklings once they start happening.
  4. Jodii — Another shop with beautiful things – like this BED LINEN set!  And these envelopes are freaking awesome, I love maps, especially old maps, and I don’t know about you, but I’d be really excited to get a letter in something like this.  Also, you have to love things like this BAG that are very punnish 😉
  5. findevogel — I am a big needle craft person, and I love funky things.  I also love jewelry – and this shop has combined these into some awesome goodies.  How cool is this brooch?  Or how about this bracelet? This entire shop makes me happy 😀

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