Now I know why…

…Mary Poppins carried an umbrella!


The reason? Because when you put yourself out there as availible to be a nanny people respond and, oh my goodness, things come a-pouring in!  Now the only question is who do I go with?  Every each and one has pros and cons, so decifing is difficult!  I need to make more skype calls/send emails to see what I can figure out.  But, it does look like I will have something to do very soon!!  So yay! And if things work out, we might be able to squeeze in some traveling soon 🙂

So, now off to begin typing emails like a mad woman!  I did find a REALLY cute picture that I’ll leave you with though:


ZOMG! its a ratty! and she’s kissing the goose!!
Squueeee ❤


2 thoughts on “Now I know why…

  1. Are you sure she isn’t actually trying to eat the head? Remember how much they love brains!

    Good luck with your decision, and don’t overlook placing it into prayer and asking for a signal grace.

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