Mud, Spit and Tears

My interview this morning with a local English kindergarten turned out to be both a failure and exciting in the wrong sort of way.  Here’s the play by play — hopefully you can find it more ammusing that I did this morning!

This was my facebook status after I got home today:

Aaand now the story of what happened:

I needed to be at the school by 10, so I made sure I left with plenty of time to account for the 40 minute train ride and the 20 minute walk.  I arrived at my stop on the train with over 30 minutes to spare so I felt pretty good I would make it there with enough time to warm my face and hands before going in to talk with the head of the school.

I started out and ended up exiting the station on the wrong side of the street.  Not a problem, I can just cross at the cross walk.  Done, and I was on the next road I needed to turn on anyway.  Walk a bit looking for the next road, done.  And oh crap… no sidewalk, whith means mud and puddles the whole way… ok, we’ll just try to step on the drier looking parts, aw crap — just stepped where I thought was dry and it was two inches of mud… keep walking, no one will be looking at your feet.  Arrive where the school should be… huh? I don’t see it and its 9:45ish… stop a postal worker to ask for help – does she speak english? – yes! – get directions and go happily on on my way.  Jump on Kindle to email person I’m meeting to say I might be a couple minutes late because I’m a little turned around. Walk about seven minutes… crap these numbers do not add up…  confused and a tad panicked… stop nice looking old man with cane and ask for help.  Does he speak english? – not as much as the last lady, but enough to point where he thinks I need to go. Thank him with a big smile and go on my way.  I like nice people.  Walk and end up in park… CRAP!  now totally LOST and Kindle died in the middle of an email!! — what to do?  crap crap craaaaap! what to do? Oh look, a newspaper stand, maybe the guy in it will help me.  Walk up to stand as ask him.  Man gets very angry looking and begins yelling almost immideiately – hoooo shit, what did I say wrong?? – totally scared by now, oh wait, whats he doing!! Man spits a HUGE glob on my shoulder — me = shocked. Apologize and walk away quickly without looking back.  Still lost, but came back to road with no sidewalk — ipod says its 10:45 — cross street, use sweater to clean up spit from coat and walk home.  Put on music and try to cry silently and just enough to get back to train.  Step in another puddle, crap, but I don’t care anymore.  Get to train station – lots of sniffling – get on train, make connections, and get off home station without more trouble.  It was then 11:30.

Get to apartment – thank God! – key in door, home at last.  Tell JP what happened – his reaction is a mix of sympathy for me, horror at the situation and anger at the spitting guy – thinks the guy was a xenophobe – and offers to go back and find police officer.  Just happy to be home, thinks the hour back to find the place isn’t worth it, change out of very dirty clothes, brush hair, and take a few minutes to calm down.

The rest of the day was much better.

After we went out to get some shopping done and pick up lunch.  We decided to try a store called “Sky” and it was interesting.  I was able to pick up a bottle of Fritz Kola – a local drink, non-alchololic – and it was alright, I’d probably order it if we were out at a bar or clubbing and I didn’t want a beer.  We also picked up other goodies, like cheese (I got brie!!), pickles, crackers and other needs plus lots of fruit – some beautiful HUGE grapes and a star fruit (JP has never had it before!).  On our way out we stopped by the food van/truck (I need to get a picture sometime because I can’t really explain it) and got some fries – zomg, the spices they put on them was amazing!  And I didn’t feel sketchy buying something from the truck, unlike *coughinhoustoncough*.  We went home, had lunch -brie + grapes = happy tummy – and took a nap.

So while the day started out crappy to the extreme, its ending ok.  Now I’m off to search for some info on a concert I saw advertised, take a shower, finish knitting a couple more rows and get some sleep — another interview and exploring are the plans for tomorrow.

Good night.

PS — I also want to say just how much I love JP (yes again!) – he was so supportive and kind and loving when he found out about my crappy morning.  I couldn’t have found a more perfect man to marry 🙂  Love you JP!

PS again — I did email the school when I got back, told them what happened, but also said that I think I’ll pass on trying to interview again.  Not just because of the experience, but also because it is a heck of a long way away from where we live.  So go go Lizzy Poppins!


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