Friday Fives: Halloween!

We’re anticipating halloween to be MUCH different here, so how about a list of five things we’ll miss?

  1. Candy Corn – had I realized that I would be craving it as much as I have been the past couple days I totally would have picked some up before we left!
  2. Halloween Specials – we can catch somethings through various places online like YouTube, but its not the same as having the option to go see Rocky Horror at midnight, or watching the Simpsons on Hulu the day after.
  3. Parties! – Last year we went to an awesome party with our other gaming friends – Nothing like that this year… there *is* a hall party for the student housing we’re in… but I have a feeling we won’t attend.
  4. Trick or Treat – Nope, I don’t do it, but I love seeing all the wee ones running around in costumes.  From what I’ve gathered, it doesn’t happen here.
  5. Nov 1 and 2 at Target – I LOVE hitting up Target the days right after halloween!  You can usually find some awesome stuff that we’d use all year, and of course CHEAP candy!  There’s always next year…

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