Hamburg Castle

So, just in case you weren’t aware Hamburg got its start in the 9th century because Charlemagne had a fort/castle built here to ward off Slavic invasions/attack.  <geek out> ZOMG!! freaking CHARLEMAGNE walked here!!!  SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!111!!</geek out>  *ahem*  Last Saturday we decided to go to the site where the original castle stood — I say that because it isn’t there anymore!  Buut, they’ve marked the site 😀  Enjoy the pictures!

Sign explaining things… it was in German, but JP said that the
jist was that this is a historically significant spot.
(no duh!! CHARLEMAGNE!!)

Map at the bottom of the sign – the black bits are structures that
you’ll see in the next few pictures, and they indicate
where the walls of the castle once stood!

Looking over one of the black bits — this is the tiny one
in the upper corner of the map!

JP walking away from the wall.  I *tried* to get him to
pose, but he just shook his silly little head and
walked back over to me. 😛

JP commented that in place of where the castle stood
there were now HUGE bars of soap!  Not really, buuut
there were LOTS of these bench/sculture things — and
lots of people sitting on them (including one couple making
out… ew!)

And right next to the castle grounds is the office building for
Die Zeit — one of the big newspapers here, and the one
I most frequently see JP reading online.


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