The Nanny Files: Princess

So, I started my week with two ‘training’ days with the family I’m nannying for.  I of course intend to keep their identity under wraps, so they shall be refered to as the “Munchkins”.  Munchkin 1 is 4, Munchkin 2 is 2.5 and Munchkin 3 is 6 months.  They’re all boys, which is TONS of fun 😀

This week Munchkin 2 and Munchkin 3 had ear infections and little coughs… which unfortunately I seem to have caught — at least the cough part, so since yesterday I’ve been trying to get some rest and sleep extra when possible.  We also picked some meds up for me today, so hopefully by Monday everything will be right as rain 🙂

The only bad thing about this past monday was that I was LATE for work!  Yikes… and it was for something that really was totally out of my control: the train stopped for a solid 15 minutes at one station — seriously, what the heck was I going to do!?  It was far enough away that I couldn’t jump out and snag a bus 😛  So, I ended up running all the way from the station to the house, and ended up 20 minutes late.  Guh!  thankfully I got there JUST as Mrs. Munchkin was leaving to get Munchkin 1 from kingergarten, aaand since it was training week the old nanny(called ON for rest of post) was there putting Munchkin 3 down for his nap.  So I went in, took a seat and waitned for ON to come down so we could have a somewhat awkward chat while we waited for things to get going again.  Yeah… it was very awkward…  When Munchkin 3 got home we went upstairs to his room to play for a while, then he plays by himself, and by that time M3 was awake, so I took over watching him while ON took care of snack for the M1 and M2.

The rest of the day played itself out pretty well.  I did art with M1 — we made a magic trick and wrote a book about a man in a big green coat (who has a parrot and likes to eat papaya).  M2 was wary of me for most of the day — being sick and all he was very clingy with mom.   And M3 was happy as long as someone was holding him.  By dinner time Mrs. M took me upstairs so I could learn how to put M3 down for the night.  It didn’t look too hard 😉  NO and I put M3 to bed (M2 needed mom) and then I said good night and headed home.

Tuesday I panicked and left the apartment WAY too early so I ended up at their house 30 minutes early.  Which was fine with me since I was late the previous day.  I played a bit with M2, though he was still wary of me, and took M3 up to put him down for a nap – and as it turned out, I did TOO good of a job (I am the baby whisperer!).  The little stinker slept for 3 solid hours!  Mrs. M said he usually sleeps an hour and a half tops!  But M3 was still feeling pretty sick, so I’m guessing the sleep is what he needed.  After I put him down I went with Mrs. M to M1’s kindergarten — so I would know what the proceedure was if I ever picked him up.  When we got back NO left shortly after — I *think* she had appointments of somesort?  Anyway, we spent the afternoon catering to the kids, I got 40 minutes to eat something/drink tea/knit.  Supervised snack for M2 and M1 for a bit, then took M3 to try to feed him more — he barely touched his noon bottle 😛  We then took the kids to the park, and I will have to get some shots of it, because it is TOO cool!  there is a PIRATE ship there!!  We got back, and I had about 30 minutes alone with M1 and M3 while Mrs. M and M2 went to do a couple quick errands — which was just a tad too long because I had two very hungry boys when they got back — M3 was in tears because he wanted to eat, but I couldn’t take him to his room for bedtime and leave M1 alone… arge!  Anyway, I finally took M3 up and he went down no problem.  He nearly finished his bottle which made me feel good!  Though I’m sure part of him not wanting to eat had to do with the whole ear infection thing aaand he’s getting his first tooth – all of this on top of a new person putting him down.  I then helped put M1 to bed, said good night and walked back to the train.

OH! and the munchkin quote of the week is:

M1 (while we’re playing on Tuesday):  You are the Musketeer and I am the Princess!
Me: Are you sure you’re not the prince?
M1: Nope! I’m a princess!

Gotta love the things kids say! (just so you know where this train of thought comes from, we were building a castle with blocks!)

Over all I think this will be a good fit — now to get the darn work visa set up 😛  Its not going to be hard, its just a PAIN to get the appointment made because the office has weird hours.

Ok, I’m off to bed — its only 8 Hamburg time, but we had a long day (post about it soon!) and I need to sleep so I can get rid of this cold!



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