Friday Fives: Etsy Edition – Edibles!

So, by now you know that Etsy is an awesome place to get handcrafted goodies of all kinds.  But DID you know that you can get some awesome edible goodies from there as well?  And the list is seriously ENDLESS of the very talented people who have shops there.  Here are five that I personally find kick-a:

  1. SunnySweetNovember – they make MOCHI!  and not just plain mochi, but awesome flavors!!!  I love eating mochi by itself (yeah, I’m an odd one) or with frozen yogurt. Yum!  And what I think is amazing – in addition to their flavor selection – is that you can buy a sampler of their flavors!!!  And you know me and samplers, I love them because it lets me try a bunch of flavors all at once.
  2. cookousidethebox – was actually one of my first introductions to finding out that Etsy sellers also did food-type things.  Since we were living in the dreadful apartment in Indiana at the time I didn’t order from them, but chances are I will get something when we get back!  My favorties include the Ultimate Herbal Tea Kit, the Everything Spice Kit,  and the Make-a-Meal kits!  I also love that you can make you own kits!!  And the fact that these are magnetic is awesome – personally because I hate running back and forth between the kitchen and pantry when I need a spice.  I also think these would make awesome wedding/anniversary/house warming/any occasion gifts!!
  3. SaltHouseNo7 – I’ll admit it, I have a love of salt.  I was introduced early on to the different types there were (thanks Grandpa!) and its been something I’ve loved for a while.  Most people associate salt with the white stuff you find in shakers, but that simple chemical compound of NaCl is SO much more.  Enter in SaltHouseNo7 — I was introduced to the company by another company’s facebook page I’m a fan of, and all I can say is WOW!  They have salt that is PINK and BLACK and GRAY! There is merlot and espresso flavors!!  And personally, some LIME and CHIPOLTE sprinkled over fish sounds amazing. 😉
  4. HashDelectableEdibles – has lots of different things, including an awesome assortment of cookies! But, while I love me some baked goods, that wasn’t what made me stop and look at their shop.  No, in fact it was BACON.  “Bacon you say?”… yes, seriously!  I love that there is a bacon of the month club listing, buuut the show stopper for me was the candied chipolte aaaand the milk chocolate covered bacon.  (sorry to my veggie friends, but this stuff is awesome! oh and yes, bacon is considered a very geeky thing! and totally on par with zombies.)
  5. Have It Sweet – never doesn’t amaze me with their sellection, not to mention the pictures are ALL drool worthy! And while I do want to attempt to make my own at some point, I can’t deny that their marshmallows are beautiful and would be divine in hot chocolate.  What I plan to order at some point it their nougat and caramel bars. The thought of french nougat with almonds or gingerbread caramel or spiced vanilla caramel melting in my mouth makes me want to swoon!  In addition to the etsy store they also have another online shop located HERE.

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