So what did you do Friday night?

Us? We went to the Hamburger Dom (aka carnival!) which turned out to be pretty awesome.  And personally I think it beats the crap outta the Houston Rodeo’s Carnival (*gasp!*) — mainly because there isn’t an entry fee, AND JP and I had a pretty good dinner for about ten euros!  It was ‘typical’ german carnival food, but oh so much better — we had sausage and pommes (fries).  We also had LOTS of roasted candied nuts (I think we split about 600g!).  We didn’t do any rides, mainly because we didn’t think we’d be going to the Dom, buuut we’re going to go back (soon!) and do alot more.  Its one of those places that makes us happy 😀  I will say, we made it an early night and were home by 9pm! We left around 4:30 though — and as a result got to run around before the crowds started getting heavier around 8, thought next time we’ll probably stay out later — my sore throat and cough were what made us leave so soon.  😛

So, how about some pictures?

GINORMOUS Ferris Wheel

JP commented that you couldn’t get corn on the cob
at the store — well, apparently its a HUGE thing
at the carnival!! This was one of the more humerous booths!

Miss Marvel!

Bruce Banner – aka -The Hulk!

Something you totally wouldn’t find at
an American carnival!


He actually did pretty well for someone who
had had an entire liter of beer before we did this!
(next time we’re doing the ax throwing!)



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