Friday Fives: Spoonflower!

Ok — so I have a super top secret project and plottings so a while ago I googled “custom fabric” and this awesome website Spoonflower!!  Omigosh — I think I’ve totally found a new website to obsess about — and I totally plan on trying to make my own custom designs one day!  But for the time being, here are five of my favorite designs right now:

  1. Younger Elder – oh my gosh! its a baby elder god, and not just any elder god, but a baby CTHULHU!!  I’m pretty sure I could die happy now 😉  Ok, not really but you get the jist of how happy this makes me!!
  2. Let’s Bake – Someday I will make an apron out of this design and will wear it any time I bake cookies or cake!!
  3. Sushi Less – oooor maybe I want an apron out of this??  Aaand the octopus is adorable ❤ ooo… maybe I should make a reversable apron… hmm…
  4. Madman in a Blue Box – Dude, its DR WHO fabric?!? does more need to be said?
  5. 8-bit Love – I am totally thinking that a couple throw pillows with this fabric as a cover is needed when we’re back state-side!!

This was just a TINY sampling of the fabrics I love, and getting it down to only five was SO freaking hard!!  You can see what else I love by checking out my PROFILE!  And I *ahem* totally wouldn’t mind a gift certificate here for a certain major gift-giving holiday.  Just sayin’ 😉


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