More thoughts on TSA

SO, I posted the video from Congressman Ron Paul’s traveler’s dignity bill (seriously, WRITE your congress  people and senators no matter WHAT their party is and tell them YOU want them to support it!) a few days ago, and now THIS story has popped up on facebook.

(language warning!)  My only thought for that is WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!  THEY MADE HER TAKE OUT HER BREAST!!!??

I mean seriously — this was not only uncalled for, inhumane AND degrading, but this woman WORKED for an airline! Not only that, but cancer of any kind, let alone one that removes part of your body is hard enough! When will this total madness stop?  So much for living in the “land of the free” anymore.  Ron Paul is right about being treated like cattle, though I’d take it s step further and say that we’re being treated LOWER than hamburger meat.  I also think that President Obama should have to undergo this groping AND have to watch his wife and daughters get the same.  Maybe then the man will wake up!  Heck, lets make ALL of those who work on Capitol Hill do it.  Lets see how THEY like being treated like cattle. Huh? who’s with me on this?

I could just go through the scanner — but JP and I were discussing this earlier tonight, its been WELL known since the 1960’s that xrays are dangerous.  Heck, if you’re PREGNANT they tell you not to get them at the DENTIST.  When I was in a car accident a couple years ago and had to go to the ER for xrays because of back and neck injuries I had to ARGUE with the tech about not being preggers because I was a woman over 18 and THEY didn’t want the liability.  I mean, hell, how many women are going to be humiliated because of their breasts or pregnant bellies?  Not to mention what guy WANTS his junk to be touched by a random person?  It is SICKENING!

Also, they’ve also already DONE the best thing for the situation by putting a lock on the cockpit door AND arming the pilots.

Here’s what I plan on doing about it next summer when we head back state-side if we’re in an airport with those scanners/gropers, I’m going through in my underwear and NOTHING else.  I asked JP if he’d be embarassed if I did, and he said that if I have the guts to do it then go right ahead, and I totally plan to!  People have asked me what if the images get leaked via the net — personally I don’t give a damn.  I totally encourage other people to do the same, no matter what your body looks like!

That, and of course WRITE your elected representitives!!!  SPAM their inboxes, voicemail AND their regular mail!  Tell them we’ve HAD ENOUGH!


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